Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Eye Candy

Thank you so much for all the lovely words! They inspire me so.

And the giveaway is still going on.. share a comment on this post here.

So today, just wanted to share a post with some Flickr Mosaics of things that are inspiring me.

Inspired by Rebecca Sower
1. Light Fixture, 2. Untitled, 3. 'See' Collage, 4. 'Charm' art quilt, 5. Block art collage Oct 09, 6. Untitled, 7. Felt heart sketchbook cover, 8. Bingo journal, 9. number the tea cups

Inspired by Sally Jean

1. IMG_1700, 2. IMG_1688, 3. IMG_1689, 4. IMG_1680, 5. IMG_1716, 6. IMG_1737, 7. IMG_1739, 8. IMG_1735, 9. IMG_1699, 10. IMG_1733, 11. IMG_1748, 12. Pretty necklaces, 13. IMG_1753, 14. IMG_1732, 15. IMG_1740, 16. IMG_1709

Inspired by Anthropologie
1. anthropologie_newspaper, 2. anthropologie craft room window display 2, 3. Anthropologie's delicious storefront, 4. Anthropologie 8/3/06, 5. anthropologie, 6. Anthropologie, 7. Anthropologie Room Porn, 8. an inspiring Anthropologie display, 9. got the chicken set at Anthropologie- sugar, cream and tea pot, 10. Anthropologie, 11. anthropologie, 12. Anthropologie

Hope you enjoyed the Eye Candy for today. :)


Beth Perry said...

oooooooooooh soooooooo yummy! and I LOVE Rebecca Sower!

Beth Perry said...

you are so wonderful, yet so wrong for hooking me up to these links! lol

Rhayne said...

So many warm colors out and about these days. They're so comforting!

Amy Coose said...

Oh my WORD, there is so much to look at! Thanks for the serious inspiration.

Sophia said...

Cute things here...mmmm

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