Sunday, December 6, 2009

Downtown Seattle Holiday Sights

I woke up in the morning on Sunday with a really bad fever and body aches. Surprising considering how recently I had just gotten over a previous cold, and how much stuff I had done the day before.

I didn't really do anything but sleep, eat a little, and sleep some more. So since I don't have any photos from this day, I will go ahead and share some more photos from my super busy Saturday...

This is what Downtown looks like during the month of December. Horse-drawn carriages, lights, and lots of shoppers all bustling about.

There is a carousel, and a big tree at Westlake Center.

There are fun shop displays, especially at the big department stores.

And of course, I took a visit to see all the goodies at Anthropologie.. but that is for another post. ;)

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