Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Making Christmas (Cards)

One of my very favorite memories from this holiday season (already, I know)... was a few weekends ago when two of my friends and I met for coffee and crafting. We went shopping at PaperZone (and I finally picked up some gold embossing powder---and I'm totally hooked).

Although this event happened prior to December 1st, I wanted to include it with my December Daily posts because it was just so fun to hang out with my very charming friends and watch movies and eat snacks and make christmas cards (with a fire roaring in the background and cute puppies to snuggle with). See?

(Thank goodness I'm not the only messy crafty person in the group.. We kind of took over the whole dining room. Note, all the MSCrafts punches shown are mine. I have a SERIOUS addiction...)

I made a few different cards... which I will share in later posts. It does get very dark so early this time of year. Not so good for taking photos of crafty things...

Anyway, big news! Catslife Press has released a bunch of very cute new stamps! You can check it out here... I totally ordered a few today. I am such a sucker for their clean, text based designs.

And that's my post for today... back tomorrow with a crafty project. ;)


Em (eimile19@gmail.com) said...

looks like a lot of fun!! :) love your card.

Nathalie said...

Looks like fun and I love the peaks!!! I wish I had crafty friends nearby, even messy ones :(

Melissa Mann said...

i LOVE, LOVE cat's life press stamps!! I'll totally be placing an order for some of those new stamps!!

And yeah - the MS craft punches...totally getting addicted to those as well! gotta love those 40% coupons for Michaels ;-)

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