Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday trip to the French Bakery

This post is written and posted retroactively for documentation's sake.

One of the favorite things to do on a lazy Saturday morning is to take a little drive across the bridge to Bakery Noveau in West Seattle. We just call it "the French bakery" because well, that's what it is.

This place is so good and so French that we compared it to certain Parisian bakeries we visited last year and found that our local place was better. Yummy stuff. They especially have tasty seasonal treats at Christmas time.

I'm also pretty sure they make their mochas with chocolate ganache. It's enough to put a smile on any girl's face.

Note: this is what Greg does when he notices I am trying to sneak a picture of him. First the skeptical look, then the beveridge block. Hah! Got you anyway! :P

Usually after we pick up our breakfast treats to go, we head on down to our secret spot near Alki Beach and sit on a park bench and watch the sea and hang out.

If the tide is out, we like to go and beachcomb and play around in the tidepools.

It's pretty magical stuff. Even if it's cold and blustery out.

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