Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Portland - Part One

It seems that I managed to take quite a few photos on the Portland trip, despite my camera mishap. I'm actually going to break the Portland Adventure recap into two posts, as it's rather late now and I need some sleep.

Most of my photos of the train ride down were on the Rebel, and won't be recovered until I can get the new camera... Here are a few taken with the Powershot, right as we got into town...
After a brief consultation with the map, we walked and then took a short streetcar ride over to our hotel. Of couse I picked the Ace. It's a good location (near Powell's and Stumptown) and I'd heard good things from other people about it. Have to say, was not disappointed in the amount of eye candy available.
After we'd settled into our room, I decided I needed a little afternoon caffeine before we hit up the bookstore. And in case you haven't been to Powell's in Portland, well... just imagine a GIANT bookstore with pretty much every new and used book you can think of (and some you will be delighted to discover when you are there).
Between the two of us, we got so many books we had to buy a little canvas bag as we couldn't fit everything into my backpack. :) After our many hours at Powell's we hit up a local restaurant for some mediocre Thai food. We headed back to crash at the hotel and enjoy the free wifi. The beds at the hotel were quite comfy, but it was pretty noisy until about 2 am. We did not end up using the pre-supplied ear plugs though I was pretty tempted.
Morning brought ridiculously beautiful weather, and also one of the prettiest mochas I've ever had the pleasure to drink. I mean, seriously, look at this:
After the Thai disaster from the night before, Greg and I had vowed to pretty much just rely on the tastiness that came from the row of the street food vendors that were two blocks from the hotel. Breakfast was an amazing pita thing from a Greek place. Yummy.
After breakfast and another walk in the neighborhood, Greg decided to drop his coat off back at the hotel, so I got to hang out in the lobby and play with the Photobooth! Greg eventually joined me, and we got some shots together.Cuuute.

And that's it for part one of the Portland Adventure. When we return, there will be gardens of both the Chinese and Japanese variety, hijinks at the Portland Zoo, and a few other fun surprises.

I should have a new crafty post up in the next day or so as well, though it really will depend on whether or not we go see Alice in Wonderland tomorrow. ;)

Really excited for Shimelle's new class. One of my goals this year is to really work through my stash and weed out the things that I don't love. It should be really good.

Man, I miss being on vacation. This whole being back at work thing is tough. Nighty night.


Melissa Mann said...

looks like it was a lovely getaway!

A.S.K.-P. said...

AWESOME photos! You make me miss PDX even more :( Sorry to hear about your camera. That SUCKS!

Jennifer said...

Cute pics! I've heard quite a bit lately about the Ace ... I'll have to check it out next time. :) And I heart Powells.

Nathalie said...

Love your photography!

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