Sunday, March 7, 2010

saying goodbye to an old friend

So last week I took a little mini-vacation to Portland, OR (full blog post will be forthcoming tomorrow).

I had a great time, except that right when we arrived at the hotel, amidst the shuffle to get checked in, there was a tragic accident. Sadly, my Canon Digital Rebel XTi did not survive. It was ruined. Broken. Drowned by Ikea carbonated apple juice, actually.

I attempted resuscitation manuvers, to no avail. The poor thing had been soaked to death by a Swedish snack beverage, and scrunched by the deadly three-foot descent it endured whilst crashing to the floor. None of my efforts could have saved it.

When the camera was finally pronounced dead, I was pretty devastated.  I mean, I really love this camera. I've had it with me near constantly for three years. And the situation is a scrapper's worst nightmare--your camera dies while you are away on vacation? Too tragic. (Fortunately, I had taken both my polaroid camera and my old powershot with me, so I was still able to take plenty of pictures whilst away from home.)

The cost of the repairs and the age of the camera make it unlikely (at this time) that it's financially sound to actually get the thing repaired and replace the lens I ruined.

So I must bid adieu to my beloved Rebel.
You will be missed, my dear friend.

At least, until the XSi I got for a wicked good deal (yay tax return money!) arrives here by the end of next week.

Life does go on.

Back later with a few more pages from the Europe book.


Clair said...

I feel your loss x

elizabeth rosemond said...

oh, that is tragic indeed! but i LOVE that you took 3 cameras with you. now you'll be fully justified to do so on every trip you take :)
taking a trip to Portland myself in April, so i can't wait for your post!!

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