Monday, April 12, 2010

Brunch at the Hangar Cafe

So the good news is that found out last week that I got a promotion at work. It wasn't officially announced until today, which is why I could only vaguely hint about good news. 

I'm pretty thrilled about the development, and about the things I get to do in my new job. I'm also super pleased that this promotion means the achievement of one my personal career goals, which was to get a title that did not have the word "representative" included. Hurray for being a Data Administrator. Or Administratrix, as the case may be. :)

To celebrate, the boy took me out to a lovely little diner for brunch on Saturday morning.

The Hangar Cafe is a tiny little restaurant that lives in a converted house down in Georgetown (by Boeing field, thus the name). It is an adorable, homey little place with totally awesome food and very decent prices. 

The house specialty for breakfast is crepes. Lots of crepes. 

And did I mention that they serve giant delicious mimosas? In mason jars?
There was lots of lovely talk and lots of eating delicious crepes. I took a few pictures...
I even busted out The Mustache (my SX-70 polaroid) so I could finish up the pack of 600 film I had in there.. but apparently I wasn't as subtle as I was hoping, because a gentleman at a neighboring table asked me credulously "How many cameras do you have, anyway?" Which immediately made Greg burst into laughter. At the time, I only had two on me (the Powershot, and the Mustache.. G had made me leave the Rebel at home). I explained that I had many cameras, but only had two on me at the moment. 

We actually had a very nice chat about vintage cameras. Thus proving the further awesomeness and friendliness of this little restaurant. This is what was left at the end of the meal:

Despite being stuffed, afterwards, we went to Bakery Noveau for some iced mochas (made with ganache) and a nice long walk on Alki beach. That's what I call celebrating. 

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Happy Monday


Melissa Mann said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Congrats on the promotion!!!

Irini said...

Congratulations on the promotion!

Christina said...

Congrats! That's awesome sauce:)

I really, really, really loved your writing about the man at the other table. Just made my night;)

Sandra said...

Big congratulation :) bet you're still smiling

london tierney said...

Congrats on your new position! That's super exciting! Don't watch too many Tim holtz videos on the job ;)

P.S. The new typewriter stamp from October afternoon...sooo reminds me of you! I covet it...badly!

Anonymous said...

I would call it a celebration too...Get a promotion and eat crepes...that's pretty awesome...

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