Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week in the Life: Friday Night + Saturday

I have already blogged about my Friday night, a bit. But I wanted to match up my blog posts with my book pages, so here we are with some more family pictures. I don't often post photos of my family, for the sake of their privacy, but I am going to try it for this particular project as these photos and words are very much a part of my state of mind these days.

It's bittersweet actually, welcoming this little boy, and spending so much time with my niece and sister, because they are going to be moving out of state by the end of next week (her army husband just received a new posting). I'm going to miss having them so (relatively) close by.

The next morning, I managed to get myself to the Post Office and to run a few little errands, before the boy and I had a chance brunch at Shoofly Pie Co. in West Seattle. It is just the most adorable little place. And darn tasty pies to boot.

We even bought a whole pie to take home (and it's been feeding us for days...). 

So after brunch we headed home to chill out. Greg was meeting up to game with some friends, and I made a quick trip down to Paper Zone to get some goodies on sale. After I grabbed my much needed Sassafras Lass Monstrosity papers and a Making Memories baby book, I headed home to listen to Paperclipping Roundtable and get my scrap on. I fiddled around in photoshop to find out what photo sizes and templates I wanted to use for my Week in the Life (WIL) book, and then cut all my pages and transparencies to fit in my binder.

In the evening, we headed out to get some Vietnamese food for dinner at Wrap O Roll (terrible name, but tasty food) before heading out to play board games with friends in one of the Microsoft towers in Bellevue.
We showed up right as a game of Battlestar Galactica was ending... so we hopped right in to a game of Malarky, and much mirth was had. Greg and I were crowned king and queen of Malarky, due to our elaborate and believable tales of deception.
We stayed up pretty late playing boardgames and then headed home, where one of the housemates was hosting a birthday party for a mutual friend.

I stayed up way too late, but had lots of fun. Ah, Saturdays.

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cannycrafter said...

Great photo's here, so sweet that new baby, you have given me the idea to do some in a collage for my album too, thanks. x

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