Sunday, July 18, 2010

the list

I've had a running list in my head of all the things that I've really wanted to accomplish or experiment with this year, and I have to say, I think I'm really doing pretty well with it.

I thought I'd share the current list on the blog, because I enjoy when other people do this sort of thing. ;)
  1. bake something from scratch
  2. get photos of the cherry blossoms
  3. eat dark cherries
  4. go see the Warhol exhibit at the SAM
  5. see a zoo or circus 
  6. go to Portland 
  7. eat street food
  8. get a non-kit lens for the Rebel
  9. build a camera 
  10. go on a trip without G (planned for Oct ;)
  11. shoot at least one roll of film with each of my toy cameras 
  12. finish europe book
  13. take a photography class
  14. go to the zoo 
  15. clean out closet
  16. purge old clothes
  17. build new contraption for TTV shots
  18. organize printed photos
  19. get polaroids in an album
  20. photograph downtown library
  21. return library books
  22. repair broken necklaces and organize jewelry box
  23. go to ocean and/or Olympic peninsula
  24. donate blood
  25. make or obtain proper picnic blanket
  26. get cursive font typewriter
  27. find perfect summer dress (or three)
  28. attend a book reading
  29. attend a street fair or cultural festival
  30. attend summer urban craft uprising
  31. get an aveda facial 
  32. donate to a charity or worthy cause
  33. try peep toe shoes
  34. make another batch of ATCs
  35. try riding a bicycle
  36. go on a picnic
  37. finally learn to sew
  38. back up photos
  39. photobooth photos 
  40. submit photos to puyallup state fair exhibition
  41. participate in a group art project
  42. learn some different embroidery stitches 
  43. go to a pumpkin patch
  44. paint my toenails black
  45. eat an ice cream cone in the summer
  46. toast marshmallows over an open fire
  47. have a barbeque
  48. dunk feet in seawater
  49. make a meal entirely from farmer's market finds
  50. make a crafty gift for someone


sharyncarlson said...

love your list! (and your blog, too!) i am really inspired by your goals. i made a 30 before 30 list, but i am thinking i also want to adopt some of your ideas for fun!

amy lapi said...

i'm so glad you shared this! i love lists :) it's so cool that you are actually DOING these things!

Librarybug said...

You've made great progress on your list! There are some really fun things on it, too. Very inspiring.

Stephanie said...

Let's build a contraption when you come see me in OCTOBER! Then we'll take super awesome TN pictures.

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