Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seattle Center + Bastille Day Adventures

Another catchup post. But it's a good thing, because it means my photos get edited, so then they can get printed, so I can then scrap them. Hurray.

Anyway, after the fun times at Urban Craft Uprising, I wandered around the Seattle Center to do a photo walk. Over the course of the morning, the weather went from this:

To this.

I loved this windchime installation that was hung in the trees on this walkway. It's called "windfall" and it was incredibly beautiful to hear the chimes blowing softly in the wind as I walked and snapped my pictures.

I actually ran into some Bastille Day celebrations....

There were French cars, books, baguettes, and food. There was a World Cup game being played on a large projector to a totally packed house. And there were also some cute little "boutique" style vendor tents.

It was mostly just tchotchkes, but then.. I saw it. The perfect umbrella. Black. Parasol style, but completely rainproof. And covered in ruffles. I had to make it mine.

cutest. umbrella. ever.

It was a fun (but busy) day!

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brittni said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

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