Friday, September 10, 2010

Bumbershoot 2010

Last weekend I decided (quite at last minute) to attend the 40th annual Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival.

I have quite fond memories of attending Bumbershoot back in my teens. Many many adventures were had. In fact, I can claim to be old now, officially, because I remember when it used to be FREE to get in. Sigh. They fixed the pricing structure this year, but previously, it got pretty out of control.

Anyway, on to the recap!

I started off with a blown glass demonstration by the Mobile Hot Shop (Tacoma Museum of Glass folks). And it was quite a fine show.

My next stop was Flatstock, which is basically, a rock poster market. So much eye candy!

After that, a bit of wandering. Fair food was a must. Mmmm elephant ears and roasted corn. Yum!

And then of course, a stop by the indie crafts market. I absolutely adored the Ork Posters booth. I bought some cards made out of discard posters. They will be appearing in minibooks very soon. And that's a promise.

Then I got to see some derby-bicycle-clown people performing an interactive show.. followed by girls doing a high-wire act... with a motorcycle. Ah, the spectacle of Bumbershoot....

After that, I caught some music videos that were a part of the Film Festival. It was.... interesting? Artistic? Definitely something I've wanted to try.. maybe next time will try a longer film. Indie cinema can be pretty hit or miss.

I did a bit more wandering, photo taking, and amused myself for a while listening to various bands....

And then I got in line and waited for an hour so I could see Patton Oswald (and friends) perform at the comedy stage. Totally annoying to wait that long, but the show was SO worth it.

The festival was mostly wound down by the time the show let out.. except for Weezer who were rocking the mainstage (and I do regret slightly, not upgrading my ticket).

I walked around the neon-lit Seattle Center and then when Dandy Warhols proved to be too smoky to breathe...I called it a night.

And that was one of my weekend adventures last week.

This weekend plans to be just as packed, as I tackle various social engagements including a trip to the Puyallup Fair!

Craftiness will happen soon hopefully. I'm still on the hunt for that good journaling pen. Thanks for all your sweet suggestions on the video! Next time I promise to be more articulate and have better lighting. :)

Happy Friday!


Stephanie said...

Did you go alone? I would have totally been your Bumbershoot partner in crime.

Paulette said...

Wow! Looks like you had sooooo much fun! Doesn't everybody love a good Fair! Was that fried-bread I saw in that pic? MMMMM!

Lana said...

Looks really cool! What on earth are elephant ears?!! BTW, love how your LSNED project is shaping up. :)

Melissa Mann said...

Looks like fuN!

tenaya said...

FUN! I too remember the free days. Sigh.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

whoaaaaaa!!! lots to take in!

amy lapi said...

i blogged about you :)

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