Tuesday, October 12, 2010

first roll from the Golden Half

So... The Golden Half camera is a half-frame 35mm film camera that takes two exposures for every one frame of film. If you play your cards right, at the end of the roll you basically get a bunch of random diptychs.

Cool right? Well, Costco failed to follow my instructions when I got this roll of film developed and processed them all individually. Besides being super expensive to process, it is also slightly annoying as I'll probably re-diptych them all later, In the meantime, here are a few shots, hot off the CD for your viewing pleasure.

I can't even remember when some of these photos were taken. Sadly, I do know that it took me over a year to finish this one roll of film. Getting these developed was a bit like opening a time capsule. 

I love this hobby. 

And getting this particular roll all finished off and developed helps me to accomplish my goal of using a roll of film in each of my (functioning) cameras this year. I just have to finish off some stuff in my Oktomat and that waterproof camera I just got, and then figure out where to get 110 film developed..as I picked up a tiny fisheye spycam at the thriftstore early last spring.

The other roll I got done today was a roll of color film for my Holga 135BC. There are some adorably woodsy photos in there that I'm excited to share with you later this week.


Melissa Mann said...

seriously loving all these photos, Christina. The last time I had actual film developed, the place that processed it heeded to do what I said as well. Out of 25 photos, their "machine" only deemed 6 of them print worthy. Needless to say, they got a piece of my mind...ugh.

Renato Pereira said...

This camera can shot only one picture instead 2 pictures at the same time ? I want to buy a lomography machine, but I'm undecided between this (Golden Half)and Diana F+ :)

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