Tuesday, November 23, 2010

snowed in

well... we got some snow. and as per usual, the first snow of the year basically shuts down the city.

it's strange to see snow so early (before thanksgiving!) but at least I am able to work from home...it feels weird, like a holiday, but not. 

our internet went out, so we are currently hanging out at greg's parents. This is a winning ploy, as we are currently baking cookies and having tasty coffee.

stay cozy and warm!


Bekka said...

Sounds delightful! Stay warm and cozy!

Nathalie said...

Sounds very nice + I LOVE your photo!

Chocolate Mousie said...

I'm jealous. I love snow! :)

Anonymous said...

you have the best of both worlds, enjoy.

lynda in calif

Patty said...

Can you send some to me in NY, I am in desperate need of some snow:) Happy Thanksgiving!

tnt521 said...

Your photo is gorgeous! Glad you are safe and warm! Up here in Bellingham and it's chilly but we don't have near the snow you guys got...but it's crazy how the snow shuts the whole area down and we go into disaster mode!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

tammy t

Aimee said...

mmm, cookies :)

kristy.lynn said...

love your photo... i'm not sure which is worse.. snow or 80 degree weather this time of year! :)

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