Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vintage Inspiration

I love visiting Antique shops. I recently picked up a vintage (and totally rusty--in a good way) functioning postal scale for $20.00. It says something about 1906 and Chicago on it.

Right now it has a few of my milk glass vases and some acorns on it. I love collecting good vintage pieces.

If I had an infinite budget (and you know, a giant castle house) I would love to buy up just about everything at Pacific Antiques Gallery. As it is, I still like to visit for the bargain finds and the amazing inspiration.

Makes me also want to go shopping at paper valise, so I can make pretty tags like these.

Hope you enjoyed the vintage-y goodness. 


Chocolate Mousie said...

I love old watches. They were designed so well back in the olden days. :)

Elisabeth Costa said...

LOVE all that vintage goodness!! It would make a gorgeous little mini for inspiration. Thanks for sharing:)

Stephanie said...

eep! swoon. misses.

Patty said...

Look at all of those lovely antiques!!! drool.

tnt521 said... I love your blog. It's so incredibly inspiring!


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