Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 04 - Rocking around the birthday party

Saturday was a bright and crisp day. The weather was absolutely lovely, if cold. I went to the post office super early in the morning to send out some goodies. I also went to Impress to pick up a few more holiday papercrafting supplies. After that I headed home to pick up the boy for some coffee at Macrina.

After a lovely coffee and snack, we hung out for a bit, then I finished up the cupcakes for our friend Devon's birthday party. By the way, here is the invitation I made for the party:

Devon arrived with some snacks and I arranged serverware. Then we all carpooled down to Hooverville, where we played boardgames, shot darts and ate cupcakes. I played pinball and lost abysmally.

The party actually carried on for quite a bit into the evening (and early morning). It also changed venues several times. I was not there for anything after the party left Hooverville however, as I needed to get to bed by midnight, due to my date with Urban Craft Uprising the following morning. It was quite a busy day.


Heather said...

great photos! looks like a fun party :)

tnt521 said...

Your invite is RAD! As are your photos as usual...can't wait to hear about the Urban Craft Uprising...really wanted to go this year. :(


Stephanie said...

I love that invite :D

Jeni said...

Hi - Love reading your blog. A question for you: What do you use to create your photo mosaics / collages? Thanks

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