Monday, December 6, 2010

December 06 - Oh Tannenbaum

Continuing the story of my afternoon on Sunday, my friend Raine was supposed to hang out with me at Urban Craft Uprising, but she ditched me... to get a Christmas tree! Apparently, it's difficult to get a Christmas tree when one lives in the middle of the city and does not have a car.

I did not begrudge her the tree-gathering however, because she bribed me with peppermint hot chocolate and the promise of getting to live vicariously through her by helping to decorate her tree. Of course I said yes. 

We had to make a quick trip to the store to pick up some new LED lights, as one of her boxes of holiday things was lost during their move. (Tragedy)

On impulse, I decided to get festive and buy myself a chocolate orange. (Just whack and unwrap!) Greg thinks they are terrible and waxy and not good, but I like to have one at least every other Christmas, because they are pure Christmas-nostalgia crack for me. These little candies were always a staple in the holiday goodies we used to get in our stockings in my childhood. 

Raine likes a proper bushy Christmas tree, with plenty of personally-curated ornaments, just as I do. She has a nice eclectic set of ornaments. Some day, I hope to have a tree full, just as she does. :)

We put on some classic holiday choral music and got to trimmin that tree.

We teased Raine's husband Robert about being a humbug (he really doesn't care for decorating during the holidays), but still got him to participate and hang his personalized ornament all by himself. 

And then later I met the boy for a delightful moonlit walk on Alki and a dinner of hot pho. No photos of that, but it was still a pretty amazing day.

And now I'm off to go work on making a snowflake garland. Huzzah!

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