Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 08 - Hipsta Holiday

One of my absolute favorite ipod apps is the Hipstamatic Camera app.

It has cool lenses and different films and cute cases. It is so fun to use!

And they just came out with a super cute plaid holiday case and a new lens. So today's December Daily photo session is just kind of some quick hits from my work day.

I did a bit more holiday shopping, and then spent a relaxing evening at home with the boy.


Bekka said...

It's funny...I don't even hesitate to purchase a new hipstapak when it's released. They're all pretty great!

sylv said...

I love seeing your posts...they are so inspirational! And, I was really going back and forth on whether I wanted an Ipod Touch (basically for the camera apps), but, after seeing your posts using the apps,I REALLY want one now! Do you think the pictures it takes, without using an app, are good?

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