Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16 - Secret Santa (Reveal)

As previously promised, here is the actual set of photos from December 16th.

This day, despite being a work day, was a very crafty day indeed. After work, I busted out the fimo and made some Santa Cookie Ornaments for the ladies in Greg's family. These cookies are quite the tradition, so I was very pleased at how well these ornaments turned out.

I also made some snowflake garlands for the work party that was to occur the following day. Using my many martha stewart snowflake punches, I punched out a bag of snowflakes (seriously, just kept going until I had a bag full) and then ran them through my sewing machine. They turned out very nice, but they immediately tangled when left to their own devices. I ended up just sandwiching them between the pages of a book to keep them all sorted out. Also, arrggh to thread tension.

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