Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good Gifts: Adopt a Sea Creature

Image is from a delightful hand-silkscreened card I bought a few years back. The shop is filled with cute goodies too.

Every year I like to do a little do-gooding for some of my holiday gifting. If I'm strapped for cash, this usually means volunteering,  giving food to a foodbank, donating blood to the local bank, or donating money to a charity.

I usually also end up donating a little to Project Red (which is really easy, thanks to Starbucks). This is also especially relevant this year, due to Greg's work with AIDs research at Fred Hutch. ;)

Anyway, this year I decided to adopt some sea creatures! Or sponsor them... since I don't really get to actually adopt them. I am super passionate about environmental stuff that involves water, and water-creatures, especially after that mess in the gulf this year. I am super pleased to say that I adopted a Sea Turtle and an Octopus, courtesy of

The donation pack came with a fancy certificate and a cookie cutter, but those weren't really as important as giving to an organization that has a good cause I believe in. Today is actually the last day to order before the Christmas shipping deadline, so if you were stumped for last minute-gifts, this would be a good one.

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