Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 before 30

This is a super late post, but I'm cool with it.

At the beginning of this month I turned 29. Um, yikes.

No offense to anyone actually in their thirties or older, but I remember very clearly being 18 and thinking that my "scary age" was going to be 30. (Note: this is not currently the case. I am quite fine with the thought of being 30. I think at this point my scary age has been moved up to 40. Just kidding ;)

Big round birthdays may tend to make one think about things on a big picture scale though. What have I done with my life? Where did my twenties go? What am I going to accomplish in this next decade? How am I going to change? What choices am I going to make? Etc.

The last couple of years I've started taking self portraits on my birthday. So, this is me right now. (I really love how this turned out.. using the mirror and the Thickers as props.)

Inspired by bloggers the world over, I'm also going to post my wish list of accomplishments for the next year. And I'm even going to document it. I've already started a mini, so you know that means I'm locked in.

I'm also planning to share updates on the blog. I've created a new post label of  "30 before 30" to make the posts easier to find. :)

Some of the goals are silly, and some are serious. Mostly I tried to balance between things I wanted for myself and things I thought I could really achieve.

Here we go:

1.   Do something that puts me out of my comfort zone
2.   Finish the sketchbook project and mail it to the Brooklyn Art Library
3.   Do something selfless that only benefits another person
4.   Get to gold level on my Starbucks rewards 
5.   Visit a museum
6.   Visit the aquarium
7.   Buy a bike and use it
8.   Stick to exercise program and be active regularly
9.   Try a lighter shade of red or copper hair
10.  Finish 12 projects (1 per month is totally reasonable)
11.  Assemble a camera
12.  Carve a stamp
13.  Use my new Big Shot to emboss something
14.  Attend a street festival
15.  Go to the cabin for vacation
16.  Go to the coast for a long weekend
17.  Continue the search for a new house
18.  Attend social events and spend time with friends
19.  Have a party
20.  Go to Portland and/or Victoria again
21.  Attend a crafty event
22.  Ensure feet are cute (shoes, pedicures, whatever is necessary)
23.  Teach another class
24.  Source and wear a new signature scent
25.  Invest in better camera gear (get a new P&S and a new SLR lens)
26.  Submit photos to Puyallup Fair competition
27.  Work on something that involves fabric and/or stitchery
28.  Finish reading all of Sherlock Holmes
29.  Shoot 6 rolls of film (1 pack of polaroid = 1 roll)
30.  Redesign blog

So that's my list. Here's hoping I can get it all done. :)


Sandra said...

Looking forward to seeing you acheive your goals. Now I'm meant to be a grown up, and over that BIG 40!!! I've decided my age from now on will always be 23! so thats the age I've picked, and I always say to others, find your perfect age and stick with it. Happy Belated Birthday to you

Melissa Mann said...

wonderful list! And happy birthday :-) I turn the big 30 this coming July, and I'm absolutely dreading it!

Bekka said...

Great list! Best of luck crossing all of those items off! (And if it helps, 30 has been the best year of my life so far...) :)

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