Monday, February 14, 2011

Everyday Romance

The internet is full up on lovey dovey valentines' nonsense today. So I decided to add to it a bit. 

Greg and I don't hold much to the idea of ONE super awesome lovefest celebration day. (WARNING MUSH ALERT) We generally ascribe to the philosophy that every day should be a celebration of our feelings for each other. And so for the most part, we just have lots of little moments that show how much we care. And I think that means more romance, overall. 

This will also be our 11th Valentines Day together, so quite honestly, I think our plan of getting Vietnamese noodle bowls and renting a movie sounds pretty awesome and romantic. So, not a lot of roses or boxes of chocolates or sparkly jewelry happening here, but I'd rather get those on some other random day. :)

Anyway... Thought I would test out some new javascript functionality by putting in some images from our everyday dates that haven't yet made it up on the blog. 

Click for gallery view. Pretty cool huh? 
(sorry RSS readers, I don't think it works unless you are actually at the site)

Anyway, in whatever fashion you do or don't celebrate the feast of St. Valentine, hope you have a great February 14th. 

Hugs and Happy Monday. 


Melissa Mann said...

Love the photos :-) And a happy St. Valentine's to you too!

Aimee said...

Lovely pictures! And I see a little yellow bag from a certain little restaurant that I love love love!


Michelle Clement said...

Aaw, lovely. :) Looks like you had a great day! hubs and I do the same - a low-key dinner & movie is just perfect for our V-day, cuz we love eachother every other day just the same! he he.

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