Thursday, February 17, 2011

A sign of Spring

There is a cherry tree in front of my house. I love this tree.

Every morning on my way to work I check it to see if the little buds or flowers are growing. Later in the summer I check on the cherries, or just admire the deep red leaves. It's cheerful. And I miss it in the winter time when the branches are cold and bare.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we tend to have a warm spell right before a cold snap, and then spring truly begins. As you can tell from that photo, that's about where we are at right now. For example, yesterday was 50 and sunny and gorgeous, and today was cold and rainy with some snow flurries.

Anyway. I took this photo this morning. I really love how blown out it is. (Because my camera couldn't handle the grey sky and do a macro--but it works for me).

It makes me happy, because it's just potential. Blossoms are going to be happening soon. The warmth will return soon.

I can't wait.


One more day to enter Steph's giveaway below! I will draw the winner tomorrow night Really loving hearing your coffee stories! :)


Michelle Clement said...

Yay!! :) We're starting to get little buds around here, too - our cherry blossoms pop out super-early! Come on, Spring!

tnt521 said...

Gorgeous! And thank you for your past post on Pacific Antique Galleries. Finally made it there yesterday along with some amazing shops in Georgetown and it was fun and inspiring! Almost springlike in feeling!

tammy t

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