Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Ideas Than Time

aka, the story of my unfinished project box. 

I have on previous occasions mentioned my box 'o unfinished projects. Actually, it isn't technically a box, it's my cropper hopper rolling tote...but close enough. 

Since my switch from layout-based scrapping to focused project (mini-book) scrapping, the method of using a single location to collate my unfinished projects (or projects to-be) has been vital to my creative process. It helps me to keep track of project ideas in physical form, and also allows for a certain amount of task batching. It works for the most part, as long as I can keep it under control. ;)

Basically, anytime I start work on a project but don't finish, or have gathered a a bunch of products I've developed a project concept for, but am not immediately ready to start work on, the main supplies and/or photos for the project end up in here in the form of customized project kits. 

I like to keep the box close to hand, so I can quickly grab something to work on if I'm not seriously inspired to work on something else, as most of the startup efforts (product selection, theme) are already completed for me. Also, of course, I need to keep it visibly near me so I can keep the shame and guilt of their uncompleted status in the forefront of my mind. Just kidding. Mostly.

I did a good job of emptying the box out last year... and then of course, I filled it up again. All these potential projects just hanging out and waiting for me to get back to them. A long and seriously tangible crafty to do list. 

As creative people, it is very easy to get caught in the endless inspiration loop (hello Pinterest and shopping behaviour), and then forget to actually get out the scissors and make stuff. 

The Paperclipping Roundtable has also recently had several excellent conversations related to this very topic; I highly recommend you check them out. 

I myself am guilty of project-related procrastination, especially since I don't really have things like creative team deadlines to worry about any more. (Note: this is both good and bad for my creative flow --but that's another post.)

There are various reasons why these projects aren't done yet-- lack of interest, change in creative direction, creative block, waiting for photos, etc.  Regardless, the work is yet to be done.

And also, to be entirely truthful, this little box doesn't actually even contain ALL of my unfinished projects. I have several themed ones (Christmas, classes) and even a few secret ones (gifts for people) that are also waiting in the wings. Not to mention a list saved on my ipod notepad full of ideas based on tools and products in my stash... 

Anyway, the box is just there to hold the stuff that is more likely to get finished first (in an organized, queue-like fashion). And of course most of them are related to mini-books. That's how I'm rolling these days for projects.

How about a sneak peek? Here you go:

1. Portland Trip (Spring 2010) - Base is a Studio Calico kit with all the trip ephemera and a few extra things I thought would "match" added. Probably going to use a Maya Road 8x8 book, though I might wing it and do something with bookrings. That part is undecided.

2. Valentines Book - I found a box of all the valentines I got in elementary school and had saved. Going to put them all in an album with some K&Co themed papers. Not sure what kind of album I'll use, but debating using clear or pockets so I can see all the names signed on the back of the valentines. 

3. Steamcon 2010 - This one is actually almost done. Just need to add the photos (which are already printed) and embellish and journal. 

4. Nick and Ashley's wedding book - Mostly Creative Imaginations stuff with a little Cosmo Cricket thrown in. Major guilt on this one. These guys got married last April. And actually just had their first child about a week ago. So it's a bit late. Still need to get photos edited and ordered. Am probably going to make up a baby book and bundle it with this one as a package gift. Yes, that sounds like a good plan.

5. The Home Book - All hambly all the time. We still haven't moved, so this one is a work in progress. No guilt on this one. ;)

6. OA Thrifting Mini - I wanted to do a cute mini Alissa Fast style with a bunch of photos from my thrifting expeditions. This is mostly October Afternoon Thrift Shop. I started this at a crop and haven't gotten back to it. Those flashcards are challenging to work around.

7. 7Gypsies Circus Book - I made this on a whim. It's all 7 Gypsies and in circus colors. I don't have photos to go with it yet, so it's stalled indefinitely until I can figure out what more I want to do with it. I might use it for crazy altered experimentation and use up some Lomo photos. Or hopefully, I'll go to a circus, and that will take care of that. 

8. 7 Gypsies Life is good mini - This one is all 7Gypsies Lille themed. Because yes, I had to make a mini with that Lille book cover. This is another one I made on a whim and am not sure what to fill it with. The ATC spinner is using up a lot of Lille, but I'm not worried about theme duplication. The British theme is making me want to use it for my Victoria trip from last fall.. It would get super fat though, because I took a ton of photos. It's a possibility.

9. Red Velvet Peter Pan kit - I bought this a loong time ago, back when Elsie and Red Velvet were selling scrapbooking kits. I love how whimsical it is. Have been saving hoarding it for something special. I want to use this up to document some sort of forest-themed picnic (but not Bainbridge). Hoping to go to a good park later this summer (why yes, sometimes I do plan my life around things I want to scrap. shhh don't tell Greg)

10. Cabin Road Trip 2009 - A lot of October Afternoon Road Trip with a little Making Memories and some Little Yellow Bicycle travel product here. Need to decide on a size (probably use up an 8x8 felt album) and get the photos edited.

11. 50 Dates Album - All Cosmo Cricket Social Club. Need to pick a size or an album base; something with bookrings for sure. This is sort of an ongoing, everyday life kind of book. Low pressure.

12. Space Needle - This is all BoBunny Mama-razzi paper and the photos from last December's trip up the Space Needle. The colors really work nicely. Need to pick an album size. Maybe 6x6.

13. Bainbridge Picnic 2011 - This is a hodgepodge of leftovers from an old Red Velvet kit from 2008. I've bulked it up with some new Sassafrass Lass product. Going to use up the kit to build the mini for the trip to Bainbridge and the winery from last month. Need to decide on size and album base and then edit photos to print. 

14. Vespa-pa-pa mini kit - Another old Red Velvet kit with papers from Kim's Vespa-pa-pa-pa line. Want to do something fun and cute with this. Possibly travel or fashion-themed. So, basically, waiting for some photos that will match and inspire me. 

15. Monster Faire book - Going to document Puyallup Fair adventures with Sassafrass Monstrosity. Need to pick a size (probably square) and get photos edited to print.

16. Europe Minis - This one gets a ? because I started them and I'm not sure where I'm going. Still have a bunch of Europe photos that remain unscrapped. Might use this to do a "best of" paper album and then keep working on the giant photobook (see item 19 below).

17. Jamaica Home Mini - This classy mini was picked up from Jamaica's Etsy shop. Again, haven't moved yet so have been holding off on using it. Might use it with some cute Pinterest ideas... or maybe take some photos of the tiny pieces of home currently. Want to do something fairly modern and graphic with it though. 

18. Daily Junque kit - I bought this whole line (basically) as a kit from HSN. Because it has several instances of product with numbers that go up to 31 due to it's calendar theme, I want to use it for something related to my 30th birthday - which happens next year. So no pressure on this one. ;)

As if you don't already think I'm insane and need to purge and/or let go of stuff, I also wanted to list some of the other projects that I forgot to take photos of that are pending.

19. Europe Photo book - purely digital at this point. I'm about halfway through the trip. And I've made about 45 pages worth of content. Just photo collages with a few teeny tiny bits of journaling. I took a lot of photos on that trip.

20. One Little Word 2011 - I need to get caught up on this. The base is a Pink Paislee album. The insides are actually relatively product free at this point. I have a bunch of photos to deal with though.

21. 30 Before 30 - This little mini is still in early stages. The album is built, but the photos and journaling need to be added. Still haven't finished the list though. I'll be mad if I don't finish this by at least next April. So feeling good about this one.

22. December Daily 2009 - I had some conceptual problems with my album for this one. I need to just print the photos and pound it out. Let go of perceptions of perfection

23. December Daily 2010 - All done, except I need to glue down photos and embellish. Mostly Basic Grey. I love this book.

24. Journal Your Christmas - This one is mostly Making Memories Christmas stuff. I am considering this an ongoing, year-crossing project. There are prompts, and I'm going to make it a kind of "best of," rather than a daily documentation. Until I finish at least one of these, anyway.

25. I love ____. - An old kit from a Kristi P. class. Have been very much hoarding this one. I guess I've been waiting for photos I've really loved to use it. Just need to buckle down and git' er done.

26. Vancouver 2009 - Little Yellow Bicycle travel line. Need to pick a size and base for album. Need to edit and print photos.

27. Tennessee Adventure 2010 - Me and My Big Ideas Journey line. This one is going to be all kraft and fun and paint. Need to pick a base/size and get the photos edited to print.

28. Portland CKC 2011 - This one is actually on my desk right now. All Studio Calico Documentary. It's about half done. Need to edit and print a few more photos. Need to glue and embellish and journal. I'll try to share this on the blog later this week. :)

29. ATC Spinner - this is another ongoing one. Just mostly to use up extra photos and 7Gypsies Lille papers.

30.... And... that's all for now. Must stop. Spiraling a little out of control. Rest assured, there's yet more.

Note: In addition to all these projects, I occasionally make layouts. And ATCs and art journaling and apparently cards and tags. And write blog posts.

I also have like 8 Shimelle Classes with projects started, but not finished; I definitely want to get at least another one of those finished this year.

I also have tons and tons of photos to go through. It is a little comforting to know I will never be "caught up" and run out of things or ideas to make stuff.

But you can see how all this can be totally overwhelming. Or super inspiring. Depends on my mood and amount of free time. ;)

Today, it's inspiring. And I was glad to share on the blog.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the crazy crafty curtain over here.

Have you ever struggled with a bunch of unfinished projects? How do you cope? (or not)
I'd love to know.


K13 said...

Oh my...I thought I had a bunch of unfinished projects...I have this same problem so I can empathize with you...and as far as coping..I don' frustrates me to NO end, but when we're short on time, there's really no fix...I haven't finished my 2010 or 2011 December Daily albums or my "summer 2010" album, or the birthday books for my son when he turned 2 (2010) or 3 (2011)...the list goes on.

Brooke said...

Hello. Your Blog is so beautyful.
Love it.

LG Brooke

Cara-Mia said...

Hah good to know I'm not the only one with unfinished projects. :)

Melissa Mann said...

Wow! I got overwhelmed just reading that list!! They all sound wonderful though :-) Good luck on knocking it out!

Mandy said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a suitcase filled with unfinished projects :) You inspired me to do something about it, starting with finishing my Paris 2009 (!) album.

bfigur said...

It is so comforting to know that I am not the only one with tons of stuff to be finished!!!!!

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