Saturday, June 4, 2011

Label Love - Storage Idea for hand-stamped labels

I love labels. It's the organization nerd in me.

My love for labels began long ago, and has grown and grown over the years.

I love me some label anything: label stickers, label stamps, vintage labels, label punches... all colors and shapes are pretty much okay in my book. I use them on almost every project- I find that these little guys are perfect to accent any page or minibook project.

But you know, sometimes all that label love can get pricey, for the pre-made stuff. And when you have stamps, sometimes it's a pain to go through the whole process to get one measly label  made up (find stamp, find paper, ink stamp, stamp image, cut image out, adhere, etc).

However, there is hope. Task batching is a good way to deal with the latter problem.

My crafty tip for today? Get some really nice thick cardstock, stamp (or print out) your labels (and do a bunch all at once), cut or punch them out, add adhesive on the back and stick them in a little book to use later.

Now, as for the storing them for later part, there are a few ways you could do this. If you choose to add adhesive (tape style adhesive or glue dots) you are going to need to find a home for them that will all the label to be easily moved to your projects.

The cheapest way is to recycle!

As you can see from these photos, I've actually repurposed an old sticker book from American Crafts for my current batch of hand-stamped paper labels, but you could just as easily use other empty sticker backing paper for storage too.

Or how easy would it be to make a little book of pre-done label storage using staples and wax paper?

Or if you were using glue dots, just re-use your glue dots paper...

Some good possibilities here.

Hope your weekend is going well. :)


Melissa Mann said...

Good ideas!

... said...

Is there a "like" button like there is on Facebook? I double like this idea!

IctoRude said...

Love the ideas!
I have a tin of pre-stamped embellishments, the problem is it's hard to sort through it and tins are bulky :o

Lisa-Jane said...

This is such a great idea, thanks for sharing!

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