Thursday, June 2, 2011

a SMASH*ing good time

I recently got my hands on a full sized smashbook (the black one, of course) and I've decided to use it as a place to gather my creative thoughts and plans. I'm really loving the mix of page designs. In fact, I have the blue one on order so I can play with one in a more scrapbooking-ish manner.

This black one will be different than what is captured in my art journal; more project focused. I'm hoping that by sticking my ideas down in a material format that I will be more accountable on actually getting them realized and shared.  I 'm excited to use this to document and to plan out things in a real and tactile fashion. Namely, blog. class and other project stuff. Sort of a physical pinterest, if you will. But more secret. ;)

For example, the above photo shows a tutorial idea in progress. You can actually see the prototype item all smashed in there for me to write notes about (can you guess what it is?).

I've almost got my tiny smash journal (turned it in to a minibook, of course) finished and ready to share. For now though, enjoying this new tool.

Have you got a smash book? What are you using it for?


WillieburgScrapper said...

You already got your Studio Calico kit! awesome! that page is looking good.

Anonymous said...

I know you'll just delete this because it doesn't fit in with your ideology, but don't you ever think about how marketers are assigned to the very idea of figuring out how to capture our next dollars? Seriously.

It's suppose to be hot, the smashbook trend, simply because it IS a trend. But. Um. Hello. Many of us have been doing exactly this for years with our papercrafting/collecting. We were messy before it suddenly became a trend for others, others who so obviously struggle for something to spend their next dollars on went, "Oh hell yeah! Another unoriginal idea to glom onto! Let me give you my money for a few pieces of cardboard bound to rings, and I will perpetuate the massive consumer culture! For it has nothing to do with originality, but only a distinct lack of focus or inspiration!"

You once were talented. But now you've become a slave to industrial whoring.

Before you automatically hit the delete button, I challenge you to recapture your OWN beautiful talent. Can you? Can you step outside and beyond once again?

Have fun deleting this honesty.

Stephanie said...

I for one, am pretty excited about the Smash book...regardless of who made it and how. I guess we could make everything ourselves, but then we'd be so busy making stuff, we'd have no time to actually get creative.


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