Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Urban Craft Uprising: Summer 2011 Recap

This weekend I visited the summer Urban Craft Uprising show. It was lovely, if a bit small. I arrived at my usual early time to wait in line (for the bag of swag). The waiting was quite restful, and I actually got quite a bit of crafting done.

I obtained a few things for myself once inside: my obligatory Estrella soaps, a new UCU apron (which I already dropped an inkpad on), a necklace from Fable & Fury, and a few other goodies.

I also ran into a few delightful people I have been out of touch with, and it was very good indeed to see them again.

To save time, I've uploaded all my photos for this go-round into one set, and there's a slideshow just below for your viewing enjoyment. Please note that all photos were taken with my powershot using the tilt-shift scene mode. I'm a bit obsessed at the moment.

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

The whole show was a bit smaller than I was used to, but the vendors available certainly made up the difference in quality. The amount of cuteness was evident, and jewelry was quite prevalent. The design of the booths was quite good, and at times, it was almost like walking around a live Pinterest. Especially as I went into the Mary Kate McDevitt booth. Yes, I did buy that "feels good to get stuff done" postcard....I need the motivation. ;)

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