Thursday, September 8, 2011

Current State of Craft

I completely love this photo because it tells just a perfect snapshot of my life right now.

It's my desk. And yes, it is a bit messy. But in an organized way. At least, it seems organized to me (in a crazy right-brain kind of way).

Let me tell you the story of this photo. Over there on the right? That's my newly organized paint/mister rack (and yes, tour of new organization setup video is coming-- a bit more cleaning is necessary though). I love having all my spray inks and dabbers right to hand now. Punch basket with newly sorted MS crafts punches are still in the corner. Still need to figure out what to do with my acrylic blocks, but that little bag works for now.

Got the new chalkboard Martha paint for a product review post I'm writing up. Also an orange bingo card is hanging out because I was playing with embossing folder "letterpress." Some rosettes from my upcoming Halloween class. A big ampersand from a Slice cartridge (falling in love with my Slice again). Newly sorted alpha stamps in a vintage index card holder I scored for a dollar at Goodwill. Bag of tapes. Warehouse 13 season two DVD to watch whilst crafting. Craft inc, business planner so I can get Coffee Girl Crafts organized in a more professional way. And a big mini book.

It's four inches thick. Whoas.

It's almost done. Just a few more journaling spots to fill; another huge bookring to find. And then, done. Woot. I am going to get this puppy finished an photo'd by the end of this weekend by gum.

Here's some teasers:

And now, back to editing photos, writing blog posts and desperately triaging my email inbox.

Have a great night!


Sandra said...

Just looking at all that yumminess leaves me feeling creative

Danielle said...

EEEPPP! Did you say a Halloween class?!?! OMG! Please say it will be an online one and that you will be selling kits for it!!! ;-) Halloween is my most favoritest holiday ever, and to do it Coffee Girl style, ahhh, the crafty awesomeness!!! I can't wait!

Coombs said...

Really love it! Just started following your blog! Excited to see your upcoming posts! Side note: I too, am looking for a huge binding ring (4 in.). My summer mini isn't so "mini" either! I'm local, please let me know if you find anyone selling them, I've been looking around. Thanks!

Kate aka stinkydudette said...

Love your crafty, organized mess!! Looking forward to you li'l tour!

Melissa Mann said...

love the sneaks of your mini!

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