Friday, September 16, 2011

New Class: Haunted Cabinet Card Minibook

In this class we will create a unique cabinet card minibook with a hidden gatefold feature, perfect for displaying all of your most eerie fall photographs. Class features the latest classic Halloween products from the Martha Stewarts crafts line, as well as working with layered paper embellishments, painted transparencies, and paper tape. Students are requested to bring their favorite detail scissors or paper trimmer and adhesive. Photos may be added during class or at a later time.

This is planned as a live workshop for Paper Zone SoDo (Seattle). I am still actually working out the details as far as price, time and date-- more details to come as soon as I can confirm with the store.

Any extra kits will be going in the Etsy as soon as I run a supply check after kitting this weekend. ;)

Questions, comments, feedback? Love to hear it. 

Happy Friday!


gayle said...

That minibook is soooooo cute!!

Danielle said...

Live class? No online class? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I guess I will have to settle for stalking your Etsy shop for a class kit if you have extras.

Henny said...

I love that cabinet card minibook!
Nice blog too,

nybabe77 said...

I LOVE this mini cabinet book. So cool. I'd love to get one as well. Please let me know if you have any left. Thanks!!

Elaine said...

Will the after kits be 'pre-stamped' and we just cut them out or stamped on the already die-cut or punched pieces? I really really really want to take the class next weekend but will be out of town. Was going to sign up for it today, but found out that it might not have the pre-stamped parts and I love the stamp selections in your SUPER CUTE, DARLING, mini book!!!! :)

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