Saturday, May 26, 2012

Field Guide Mini: Part 1

Hello again. 

Back today to share the first few "pages" from my field guide mini. These pages were inspired by weeks 1 & 2 in May Flaum's class. There was a lot of focus on spray ink and paint (Yum!).

If you missed the explanation about what the book base is, it's a Heidi Swapp Tattered Angels fascination folder. I think you can actually still find them online at Joann's. I like it because it's got a ton of pages backed into all those tiny gussets.

I have to say, having since seen the stuff she's been doing with her memory files, that I'm really enjoying the concept of the file folder (especially a mini one) as part of a memory keeping project. Also, it's because I love office supplies. ;)

The photos used in these pages are mostly extras, leftovers; stuff that's good to use in art journaling. It's been fun to just get in to the class and play. To make something for myself and not worry about how it looks. 

The best part about this particular art journal is that I get to keep it for myself, no sending it away to the Brooklyn Art Library. I'm excited to really get in here and make some good stuff.

Happy Saturday!


Shannon said...

Nice work! You inspired me---as soon as school is out next week and we have taken care of our last commitments I am dragging out my entire bin of scraps and art supplies and getting busy!

Dawn Ruth said...

Please note my blog address has changed to

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