Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day Present

may 1228 by toomuchcoffeegirl
may 1228, a photo by toomuchcoffeegirl on Flickr.

testing flickr capability for blogging.

this is a photo of a present for greg
s mum. I made a photobook and a card.


Dawn Ruth said...

What a fab card love the colours and design

dribbling the ball said...

This gift really comes from the heart. Not a typical gift that can be bought in mega malls. This is one is different. Made from passion and effort.

Joanne said...

wow...just tying to untie that bow and see what's inside! What an awesome gift.

John Rozer said...

What a fabulous gift it seems to me... Cannot say the same about Embossing Powders

Salma Ashiq said...

Am trying to make same like as gift surprise for my little sister on there birthday
buy and sell

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