Thursday, November 29, 2012

Project Life: February 2012

Ah, Februrary got a bit more exciting. For a short month, I got a lot documented!

 There was a romantic picnic, a goodbye dinner with a friend, Ikea shopping, paczi, and...

A photobooth strip, signs of spring on the cherry tree, 2 am at Meander's clafoutis and reading lots of books. A card from a sweet friend.

Also, a trip to Shanghai Garden for the hand-shaved barley green noodles, my first attempt to play with a wood-rocker faux-bois tool. Some beer from my Yeti, and some thoughts about work

 Not pictured, but evident, is my newfound love of the Martha Stewart office collection from Staples. Why yes, that is an 8.5x11 divided page protector!

As this year is coming to an end, it's really fun to look back on these pages and see what life was like at the end of last winter. There are some things that are the same, and some that have really changed.

The other thing that is nice about this is I am getting some layout ideas from some of the photos I've sampled here. There are plenty of stories to tell, and this book is really helping me with the details. So fun!

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Dawn Ruth said...

lovely pages bit spooky

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