Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Thoughts

Ah, spent today in a total scrapbooking flurry. Love it!

Weird to think that yesterday I was in California... Hmmm...

Hopefully will get some actual layouts posted tomorrow. After I go scanner shopping...hopefully... (we'll see)

I love being on vacation. The fact that I am home, being paid, yet not having to work, is great. {speaking in an accent a la Loraine} "I do what I want."

Speaking of things that I love, here is a list of my (current) favorite things:

1. Iced White Mochas (I am okay with my addiction.)
2. My digital camera. It does a lot for being just a PowerShot A530.
3. Shoes! (I just got this great pair from Chinese Laundry in SF)
4. Music: currently really into Psapp, The Blow, the new NIN and some Evanescence.
5. The Internet. I love you Internet. I missed you bunches...
6. My car. Having to drive a Kia for a few days really made me appreciate my little Toyota. (I call my car "The Precious" if that lets you know how I really feel.)
7. Scrapbooking! (Duh.)
8. Black tank tops
9. Seattle. I love my hometown. (Hmm, feel a layout coming on....possibly a mini-book...)
10. Black pens. Cannot live without them. Always have at least two in the purse at all times. (Yes, I know I'm weird.)
Cheers everyone, thanks for letting me share.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

great list!

and i'm jealous of your vacation.

{elizabeth} on sis :)

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