Sunday, August 12, 2007

Museums, markets and art! Oh my!

Today G and I went down to the Market for breakfast. I had a delicious Flagship, Basil and Tomato sandwich from Beechers. (It still counts as breakfast as long as it's the first meal of the day, right?)

The Market was fun, even though this weekend kicks off an entire week of activities to celebrate their Centennial. Today was puppet day. Not kidding. Luckily we managed to dodge any and all puppets that came our way.

After that we spent several hours happily exploring the new SAM. It is sooo cool. And huge. I'm super inspired by a lot of things that I saw.

Finished up the layout I was working on yesterday. It's about my dear friend Julie. This one's for you babe!
I used more from the Red Velvet Art June kit. It's almost all gone! Luckily there is some more on the way. Hee hee.
Daily card for yesterday and today will be up in a bit. I'm going to go get dinner started.
Hope you are having a fantastic day!

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