Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

So, here is today's card. The picture is of a sign I saw posted to a phone pole that was near where my car was parked at work.

It says:

"Your human worth is not rated by
how much money you make
the car you drive
your job
the clothes you wear
your bra size
your waist size
the size of your penis
your gender
your ethnicity
your sexuality
or your age.

You are beautiful just as you are.

I love you very much."

I love that it's a completely random positive message to strangers. We need more of that in the world.

And... speaking of RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS, have you done something nice for someone in the last month?
Thanked them? Given someone some lub or a compliment? Gave up your seat on the bus?
I want you to share with me.
Leave me a message on this post with a random act of kindness that you have done in the last month. It can be little. It can be big. Just anything you can think of that contributes to the spread of positivity to another human being.
By EOD Friday I will draw a winner out of the people that have posted andthey will get a fabulous prize!


nessa said...

this month i realise a gift for my best friend
here it is
it was a real pleasure to do it and to see her when she opened the pack!!!!

milkcan said...

Last night I helped a stranger with too many packages and no more hands.

tessa'en said...

My husbands ganmama (91) told me how she didn't leke her last haircut (she goe sto the eldercenter's salon) so I went to her house to cut her hair. she was soooooo plesed!!

Krys said...

My friend And I went to see her mom this past weekend and I payed for her car to get an oil change and wash!

Tracy W said...

what a great sign! i made a card for my father-in-law who is going back to school this fall, full time at community college. he's 67!!

nikki said...

love this! i am all over doing nice things for people! last week i had a customer who lost her keys and she was digging through the trash trying to find them.... i got her gloves so she didn't have to touch the trash... then i got a coupon for a free drink put it in an envelope and wrote her a note saying that while i couldn't make her keys apppear i could buy her a cup of coffee and i hoped her day got better... then i put it on her car... she came in 3 days later and told me how it made her day!
yeah for RAKs!

_Kine said...

I got up at 6.15 and made my boyfriend hot cocoa after he had a nightmare. It was just one of those days where something like that was needed.

shelly b said...

I love the sign on the pole! hmmm..does giving directions count?

dana said...

I went and got my dh a sausage biscuit meal from McDonald's before he had to go to work :)

Kellie said...

Went and helped my mom at work on Wednesday since she was going to be alone there all day. I looked after things while she had to go on a few errands.
Love my mommy!

*~*Amber*~* said...

you are a breath of fresh air my love. I was totally thinking about posting the same RAK on my blog today too!!! So crazy... I was thinking.. maybe I should challenge my readers to "live the golden rule" or just do something nice for someone that is out of your way! So crazy! Great minds huh?! Thanks xoxo

susan opel said...

Today I volunteered to write a vocabulary quiz that my entire English 11 team can use! I like being the bearer of good things!

Anonymous said...

I have held many doors. let others pass through when they are late for class. given friends money for lunch when they forgot. i gave my cat water. hahaha. i've done other things but. i can't remember them all. hahahahaha. i'm so nice! ;D hahah.

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