Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The story of my adventures!

Had fantastic adventures with my friend Kareen yesterday.

First, we went to tea shop called Vital Leaf Tea. It was a really amazing experience. The set up of the shop is quite unique. It's kind of like a tea bar. The proprietors were extremely knowledgeable about tea and did a very thorough tasting of chinese teas for us. It was seriously like taking a class. But there was no charge for anything, unless you wanted to buy some tea to take home!

That is the basis for my daily card for yesterday:

After tea we wandered around the market and took some silly photos. You'll be seeing those in some layouts pretty soon. :D

Then we went back to her fabulous studio apartment and made dinner and just had some good old fashioned girl chat time. Her studio was so cute! And it had the most amazing view of the water. Also, sun tea + limeade = crazy delicious.

So today, after work, I drove out to the Eastside because I wanted to visit Ben Franklin and Paper Source. Since G works out there I met him after work for Indian food at this amazing vegetarian restaurant called Preet.

When I got home, what did I discover? My Red Velvet Art kit for August. Whoo-whee.

Can I just say, that is one SEXY kit? I love it! Those luxe papers are just so... decadent. But funky. Very New Hollywood. And of course, I am in love with the Sumner papers from Scenic Route. I also really like the Marilyn Monroe card and the lace. So excited to start playing with that.

Also in the mail was my payroll certification certificate. It's all pretty and on parchment and in a fancy wooden frame. But, hello people! It's August! I totally passed that thing like FOUR months ago. Well, better late than never I suppose.

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*~*Amber*~* said...

oh man... I was wanting that KIT so flippen badly!! Just didn't have it in the budget!!! U lucky Lucky duck!!! Have fun w/it! I know you will rawk it. Im drooling all over my keyboard now.. good bye! xoxo

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