Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturdays are awesome.

Went to the Dollar Tree in search of imitation Thickers but no luck. I did find these cool name stickers which were super expensive everywhere else. Score!

Card made from: ink, nametag sticker, Heidi Swapp letter stickers.

The shops are all full of new things. There was a definite back-to-school vibe. So, I did a little shopping... Okay, a lot of shopping. I got a new pencil skirt, a twill jacket, and two Tripp tops. I love Tripp. It's my favorite brand of clothes.

I also finally broke down and bought these Dansko shoes:

They didn't have them in black at the store so they'll be arriving at my house in about a week.

I was going to buy myself some Fluevogs but the Danskos were much cheaper. Also, much more Fall/Winter friendly. But some day, some day... I will have my beloved Fluevogs.
(I have a thing for shoes, have I mentioned that?) Oooo. I feel a layout coming on...
Scuze me...

1 comment:

Silvitanova said...

Awesome shoes, we are realy behing here..didn't see anything like that here in NL yet..
Great card!

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