Friday, August 3, 2007

True story...

For reals, yo. It was all cool and grey and cloudy this morning but by afternoon it all cleared up and was back to normal hot August weather. Still, I was glad I wore my boots. I missed them!

So... this is a hybrid layout! I designed in photoshop, printed it out and then inked the date stamp on. Totally fun. I used the free Rhonna Farrer kit from 2peas.

I am doing more and more playing with photoshop lately. Doing little projects and things that I cannot talk about... yet.

I think I shall never go completely digi, cuz I loves my paper stuff, but it's a nice place to visit.

Totally thinking about doing a new banner... Hmm...

On another note, G and I had a picnic dinner at Greenlake and then walked the three miles around it. Here's some photo love for your enjoyment:

BTW, see those little rocks in the first picture? I thought that I would go stand on those to get a better photo of the pretty lake, but the rock was all wobbly and I fell in.

Luckily I just got my shoes wet and did not fall completely in. And my camera was totally fine. And Greg only laughed at me a little. :D

More updates this weekend. I promise!

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