Tuesday, August 7, 2007

That's what they call me...

An attempt at a "simple" layout style. Had to really really restrain myself. Goodness I do love that Lola stuff. I kept saying Oooo, let's stick that on, ohh now this. But I held myself in check.
Oh, so exciting, the little brown fiber stuff underneath the horozontal border is papyrus! Real actual Egyptian papyrus! From PaperZone. Love it!

Spent a lot of tonight making my own transparencies. MM paint + stamp equals the green chandelier. The little black circles I made using my glue stick! (The plastic twisty end.) It's not Hambly, but I like it. Also, much cheaper than Hambly.

Also, Photoshop Actions are the best thing EVER. Saves me sooo much time. I just discovered them, how sad is that? The photo in this LO I altered using the Acidify action. Just google Photoshop Action Acidify and you can get a free download. Soo cool.

Here's today's card. Made from Sharpie, hambly rubon, Marcella paper and ink.


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