Sunday, September 30, 2007

Daily Cards

Daily Card 09-22
(Holy cow, that was forever ago!)

card made from: ink, BG and Elsie papers from Oct Sweet Spuds Kit.

Daily Card 09-23

card made from: Paper Source catalogue, magazine quote, ink.

Daily Card 09-24

card made from: SAM flyer, labels, ink.

Daily Card 09-25

card made from: Elsie Lola package, bampop scraps, dymo, ink.

Daily Card 09-26

card made from: rusty pickle & BG papers, ink, dictionary.

Daily Card 09-27

card made from: cardboard, ink, cardstock, transparency, dymo label.

Daily Card 09-28

Happy Anniversary!

card made from: photo, dymo label, cardstock, ink.

(doesn't it look like he's trying to eat my eyeball a little?)

Daily Card 09-29

card made from: starbucks coaster, ink, hambly rubon.

Daily Card 09-30

card made from: postcard, post-it, starbucks brochure, dymo label, ink.


Tina said...

I've really enjoyed seeing your daily cards....very cool stuff on such a small scale.

Lizz said...

OMG! You're *so* inspiring me to go work on cards RIGHT NOW!

Bekka said...

These are so neat! It makes me want to try! :)

Lindsay said...

Love your new cards! So cool!

And I have this plastic storage bin for scraps. It's a little bigger than an 8x10 piece of paper, so anything that can fit that goes inside, anything else, back in my paper organizer. Then I just dig through. I have a plastic ziploc bag that I store the really small pieces in and then that's thrown in with the others. I also store my felt in it, about you?

Lisa said...

awwww happy anniversary!! sweet card :)

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