Monday, October 1, 2007

Sweet Spuds October Layouts

Here are my fantastical creations for "Grandma's Attic"

This kit was so incredible to work with. There were just so many possible combinations. I will admit that I was kind of scared to work with warm colors, but now, I think I might kind of love orange. Who knew?

More details on my techniques (and additional close up shots) are available on the Sweet Spuds Gallery page.

As a side note: How on earth did I manage to live till now without pop dots? They have seriously changed my life.

And now, onto the show!

This one is called "Fresh." It's a love letter to one of my favorite places in Seattle, Pike Place Market. This is the place to get fresh produce, yummy baked goods and just see the sights. I only wish they still had free parking.

(OMG, I just realized that the "f" in the title is upside-down. Oops... I mean, I meant to do that... )
This one is called "Comfort." This is up there in my top five favorite layouts I've made ever. Greg was teasing me about the photo though, he said I looked like Amy Lee from Evanescence. I was all like, what's wrong with that?
This one is called "Brilliant." This is my friend Sari. Isn't she pretty? She is so funny and smart and in this photo she just.. glows. (Seriously, even before the photoshop job) Schmoopy! This one is called "Home." Warning: Mushiness Ahead!

This photo was actually taken when we were on a picnic lunch at Greenlake on our 8th anniversary (09/28/07). Of the photos he let me take, this is actually the most normal looking one. We kind of look like big dorks in the rest of them. And even in this one, he was talking while I took the photo so I think it looks like he's kinda trying to eat my eyeball (sorry for the gross visual). Still, I think I did a pretty good job of making it look sweet and sentimental.
And the last one. It's called "Us." This photo is actually from when we took the Circle Line harbour tour in New York back in 2004. We had totally just gotten off a red-eye flight and were standing in line for like, an hour. Thus the very happy expression on my face. :D
Thanks for looking!


Rita Weiss said...

wow...such gorgeous work!

shelly b said...

such greatness!!! I again was totally blown away by your gallery!!

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