Monday, December 3, 2007

Urban Craft Uprising

So every year I go to Urban Craft Uprising. It's an annual independant craft show. I love it.

Mostly I like going so I can see what all the fun crafty people have come up with, and what they are charging for it. It's some pretty severe eye candy.
This year I went with my lovely friend Tracy. Aren't we cute? We waited in line for two hours in the cold rainy December morning so we could get free bags of swag. I was the first person in line.. but the swag was good so I feel justified. And didn't get frostbite, so that was a plus.

Here are my favorite shots.

I put the rest into my Flikr if you would like the full... experience. :D

I warned you I had a very busy weekend!!
I am not even going to really blog about the two birthday parties I attended! (Happy B-day Devon and David!)


Lisa said...

oooo how funnnn!!! i want to go!! where is it?? lol looks like a lot of fun. such cool pics!

miss morgan... said...

that is undeed some really serious eye candy!

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