Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Friday

Hello there. Here's a photo and some of my random thoughts for right now. Best of all, it's the WEEKEND!!!Pic above is a little sneak peek of the next ScrapMojo challenge. It's a good 'un. This challenge should be up in a couple of days....

I busted out a Poppy Ink kit from last summer. Mmm purple. Also, as you can see, I'm still in love with my typewriter. (I think my stamps are getting jealous.)

Speaking of jealousy... I am totally envious of everyone going to ScrapBowl. Sigh. Why do all the East Coast peeps get all the luv? Hmph. (If anyone's going and they get me a Kristina Contes class kit, I'll be their slave for life... seriously.)

Totally in love with the idea of Martha's craft punch glossary. Ali Edwards did something sort of similar here.

Currently scrap-crushing on Dina Wakely, Tina Aszmus and Donna Downey. Such cool cool ladies.

If you get a chance, check out the RVA Project Kit for this month. It's lovely.

I think I need to start saving my pennies for this baby. Hello Slice. Nice to meet you. See you in July, I think.

My V-day was very quiet, thanks to Greg and I both being sick. :P We ordered pizza and watched Homicide on DVD. I have been promised a romantic evening out next week, however. Which will be nice because next week is going to be super crazy at work. (Tax season, bleah)
So, that's all for now, I think. Hope your weekend's off to a good start.


Michelle said...

aaw...hope you both feel better so you can enjoy a romantic night out soon!! the linkies, though! I'm crushin on the same people and the rv kit rocks it, as always =)

Marie said...

Great pics! that slice thing looks cool. I know why do all the east coasters get all the luv!

Lisa said...

ok so i'd heard about the slice and seen pictures but i never watched the video...and now i'm convinced i NEED it. yep.

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