Saturday, April 26, 2008

all I ever wanted....

Ah..... four day weekend, I love you. (That's why I was working the ten-hour shifts this week, so I could have a nice long weekend.) Grab a coffee, this is going to be a long post. :D

Thursday night I swung by the Pacific Antique Mall which is right by my work. It was so full of interesting (and expensive stuff.) I fell in love with this vintage sewing table. Alas, it was over $500 so it is not to be mine. But I love it anyway.
This is me in my old glasses. I am out of contacts and the new ones have not come in yet. :(
Have you seen this? It was quite fortuitious as I had a very awesome and exciting day yesterday.

So, Friday morning I got up super early. I did some laundry and then ran down to the stamp store to pick up my custom order! Fonts + thoughts = rubber goodness.I also picked up my beloved Danskos from Nordstroms. They were all freshly cleaned and repaired. I am so happy to have them back.

When I got home, G and I went down to Pike Place Market for some breakfast and picnic goodies. We hopped on a ferry to Bainbridge Island for our mini-vacation getaway day-trip thing.

We stopped for some coffee at the only coffee shop in town, BlackBird. There was not a Starbucks to be seen (shocking, I know.) My mocha was quite tasty.
We went for a walk around town. We found this flower just sitting on a post in a park near the marina.
After walking around town for a bit we decided to drive around the island and see what we could see. We eventually found ourselves in Fort Warden park. There was a nice nature trail down a very steep path down to the beach.
At the bottom of the path there was an amazing meadow filled with tiny daisies.
We sat for a bit by the beach and listened to the birds and the seals. It was so peaceful.
Then we broke out our picnic swag and feasted. After that I needed a little nap on the grass.
Greg didn't like the grass. He has allergies. Then we had to trudge up the path back to the car. And the scary scary park bathroom.
There is an amazing winery on Bainbridge (called Bainbridge Winery). They have a beautiful vineyard and this FANTASTIC raspberry dessert wine. You can only buy it on the island. So we had to get a few bottles while we were there.
And then we took the ferry home.
Later we went out for dinner at this little cafe in the Junction with Greg's father and brother. It was a good day.
My plan for today is coffee + crafting. And then I still have TWO MORE DAYS of no work.
Life is so good. Hope your weekend is going great as well!


If you haven't already, check out this link. I am doing a giveway for a random person if they post a comment there. Cheers!


staceyfike said...

those stamps = WHOA!!!

and you little mini vacay sounds so sweet i'm almost jealous, but that wouldn't be fair since i just had one myself so i'll just be happy for you!

CandiMandi said...

ooo I want to visit Washington so bad. Your home seems so lovely and peaceful.
And lots of coffee
Thanks for the link to the stamp store, cause I'm been trying to find someplace to make some custom ones for me

Sharmaine said...

Oh I spied my fave ginger beer!!
YUM :) another great Aussie export!

Michelle said...

Glad you enjoyed your time off. Those stamps are too cute! I'd love to make my own like that too.

***Welcome said...

i just wanted you to know how freakin awesome you remind me of myself-HAH~ and im let's be awesome together-okay?!

On a serious note-your work is fabulousness..

***Welcome said...

oh and i got so caught up in the moment-that well..those stamps doooooo rock-MUCH...for the record.

merryheart2 said...

oh, I love Washington.
I'm so glad you had such a fun weekend.

Rach H said...

LOVE those stamps!!
and YUM Bunderberg GingerBeer.......the best drink on a hot day!!
love your pics too!!

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