Sunday, April 27, 2008


Just finished up with my class kit for the"inspire me" mini that I bought from Kristina Contes.

It was good fun to finish a project in one sitting! (I have at least four mini-books going right now, all in various stages of completion). I also plan to add to it, as I find interesting bits and bobs that I think need to live in it.

One interesting thing that I noticed as I was putting this together, was that I had a hard time finding photos that were at a vertical angle. I guess I tend to go for the horizontal shots.

It's good to know that about myself, so I now am aware that I need to mix it up a bit!


~wenhether~ said...

Cute book! Love the cardboard!!! I also realized the same thing about myself when I was selecting pics for a photo collage! It has made me more aware!!!

Lu said...

this is great. love it a lot.

Mika said...

The cardboard is awesome, love the book. hope to see you around. mika (

Kara said...

Love it, you totally rock the minis. Love see your work.

Nikki_Wartho said...

Wow i love that mini-book!

shelly b said...

fabulous. I took this class with KC and STILL haven't finished it. You are inspiring me!

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