Tuesday, April 29, 2008

just chilling.

I rarely imbibe, but G asked me to finish up the last of the girly raspberry wine after dinner. I was using my typewriter and the photo just kind of came together... I feel like I should be wearing slippers and a smoking jacket or something...

Anyway...Here is a peek of my Home mini as inspired by the class I took from Shimelle.
I used over 50 photos (so there are like 24 or so spreads in the book). I am sold on the whole costco photo printing thing. This thing practically put itself together. I'll share when I can take photos of it in some good light.

What's the haps? I am totally and utterly in love with book-making and mini books. I actually went out and got some PVA and bookboard and have been playing. I think I might actually need to take a class though.
Very inspired by:

This awesome book by the Red Velvet girls.

Here and here are some fabulous tutorials by Dina Wakely.

Elise always knows cool things to do with paper.

Also I love this mini (those eyelets!!!) by Donna Downey.

And holy cow, did you see Kate and Susan's stuff for Sweet Spuds this month? Wow.

And as usual, lovely book happenings over at TAIF.

Oh. Run to Michaels today and buy these. And this. Yummy Amy Butler Lotus goodies.

p.s. I was totally on the Catwalk today at SIS. Cannot believe it.


Cassandra West said...

Congrats on making the catwalk!! Love all your inspiration!! I might need to burrow some!

CandiMandi said...

The catwalk is awesome this week!
No surprise that you're on it.

And I'm with ya on in the minis! Sometimes I just feel like they're so overwhelming though, cause I always want to finish something I start like in the same day. ha

micayla said...

Congrats on the catwalk!
OOH I cant wait to see the rest of the mini book!!!

Bekka said...

Not much of a drinker either, but I do enjoy a nice glass of wine. (And raspberry? Yum!)

Thanks for posting all these links -- great stuff!

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