Monday, April 14, 2008

art is...

Tonight I decorated my first board book. I used the April Sweet Spuds kit and a lot of paint. I had SUCH a blast. It was awesome. Thanks for the inspo Kara!

The DT gallery should go up the 16th-ish. I think... So excited to share all my finished stuff. I have another new favorite layout. (I know, I am so fickle.) You are going to LOVE the guest designer. She is awesome.
Speaking of fickleness... I made a decision recently to drop the Postcards project. Between blogger sassing me and spam and various other catastrophes... It got to the point where it was sucking too much of my creative energy. Also there was a lot of guilt. I wasn't even able to really keep up with my update-two-times-a-month-if-I-feel-like-it schedule. So, I'm moving on. And it is okay. Art evolves. So do I.
And I am looking forward to what is next.
I want to say thank you to everyone that played along. I wish you great luck with all your own projects and journaling adventures. I officially bow down in respect to anyone that can run a challenge or inspiration site. You are amazing.
Still enjoying art journaling. Waiting for another sunny day to take some pics of the pages.
I am currently completely in love with Kate's work.
Now I must brainstorm some ideas for my next Mojo layout. Hmmm.....


Kara said...

Ah! I need more pics! I am so excited, your book looks amazing! Have I ever told you that you should really teach a class on some of your technqiues, cause they are uh-mazing! Beautiful stuff. Have a good tuesday!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see your book board. Love your blog. Have a great day!

CandiMandi said...

I know... Kate and Kara are pretty much amazing. As are you! :) Can't wait to see more pics. It seems like everytime I read your blog, you just tease me! haha

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