Sunday, April 13, 2008

most random post year to date

so, long time no blog eh? let's catch up then shall we?You may have noticed by now that I like taking pictures. A lot of pictures. I love my digital camera for so many reasons. You have to understand that until I started scrapping a little over a year ago, I had NO photos of myself, or any kind of photographic evidence of my life. So the fact that I now have such a sweet little hoard of photos fills me with the warm fuzzies.

For me, the hardest part of scrapping is ALWAYS finding a photo that I want to work with because I usually print them as I need them for whatever project I am working on. It can be challenging at times (out of paper, out of toner, out of time...) I have accomplished something I have been putting off for the last ten months. Getting photos physically printed to have them on hand. Yes, that stack above came home from Costco today. My favorite 585 photos (excluding the San Francisco trip which is another 200 that I will get to at some point).

I am excited because this means that I can finally get my Christmas album done. I can finally get the Vancouver trip documented, and I now have plenty of photos on hand for my class projects as well as all the other mini-projects I have been wanting to do.

It was a little pricey, but when I got them back I spent a glorious afternoon sorting all of them and just remembering. So inspired. And thankful.

I made myself promise not to stress out about "being caught up." (You have to admit, that stack of photos is a little intimidating...)

Speaking of photography, it was a good day for photos yesterday. I got a ton of photos taken for my "no place like home" class. I love this one of my house:And this one of the light on the kitchen floor (those legs belong to my boyfriend).
Yesterday the weather was really really wonderful. It was sunny and in the 70's.
Greg and I celebrated by having breakfast at a park. Nice view, huh?We also had to run a few errands that morning. Maybe it's very American of me, but is there anything better than driving on a nice day with the window down and some really good music on your stereo? I don't think so.

Also yesterday morning, a cat showed up at the house and wouldn't leave. She spent all day at the door mewing to be let in. I guess she wanted us to adopt her or something. Luckily, she had a phone number on her collar, and her owners picked her up (I secretly kind of wanted to keep her though).

I am currently really loving this shirt. Another clearance score. Sadly, shortly after this photo was taken, my favorite necklace (pictured below) exploded in a shower of beads as I was taking it off. I will have to re-string it at some point soon. :(

True fact: my hair is so long it is past my waist. It's really hard to photograph though. Also, it's pretty wavy and frizzy. Thank goodness for flat irons.

And now, to cap off the most random post ever, I will leave you with a picture of our contribution to a potluck barbecue that we attended this weekend. Mmmm beets + asparagus = yum.

How was your weekend?


Kara said...

Oooh, love your stack o' photos. So pretty! Your house is awesome, that is exactly the house I want someday. :)

crafty_cupcake said...

printing photos to have on hand is by far the most handy thing for a scrapper. I struggle with the same thing!

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