Monday, April 21, 2008

Art is...

First post of my April Sweet Spuds layouts. The full gallery is up if you'd like to take a peeky peek. Always amazed by what the other ladies come up with. And also, we have a super cool guest designer for you to check out as well.
I will share the rest of my layouts on the blog tomorrow. I'm working 10-hour shifts this week and I just got back from craft night. Going to sleep now.
Peace out.


FrankS said...

i like these pictures...i don't know why.

just skimming through blogs and this one caught my attention.

Lisa said...


Kara said...

Ah!!! I love it. You inspire me crazy-like. Yuck about the ten hours shifts, that does not sound like fun.

maz said...

Truly, utterly gorgeous. Thanks to Kara for pointing me to you!

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