Sunday, April 20, 2008

And then she...

Finally, finally making some progress with my "No place like home" class with Shimelle.
(i.e. I pulled the photos, picked some product and painted the covers.) Still a lot to do, but I'm enjoying the process. Going to try very hard to balance the book with both journaling and pretty things. Updates to be posted as more is done.

In other news, my Saturday was spent getting an eye exam and picking out new frames. I am a contacts kind of girl, but I want to switch it up a bit. I got huge square nerd glasses and I love them. I will post a photo when they come in. :D

We went for bagels after that. This is the best evidence of a good Saturday morning:

I spent some time sorting and purging some art supplies. Still not done, but have made good progress. Here is my self portrait for today. It's a fun (and very graphic) shirt. I love the pattern.
And finally, here is the full revail of my LO for ScrapMojo #13. The inspiration is all about Juno. (Which I finally saw today.) It is a cute movie and a fun challenge. You can check out the details here. The rest of this album is going to be about summer. I'll post some more pages later this week.

Hope your weekend is going well. Nighty night.


Lisa said...

did you use a dandelion placemat from target??? if so, what did you cut it with, because i have one in my car that i can't fit into a paper and i had the same idea! making a mini and using it as the cover.... :)

CandiMandi said...

It's about time for me to get some new frames too. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could afford frames to match different outfits/moods! You just might inspire me to get crazy with my new ones too!

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