Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Recap.

What have I been up to lately? Well....

I went to a friend's wedding. And there was much joy and merriment. And lots of picture taking. Also the most incredible sunset I have seen in a while.At the wedding I took what is now my new favorite photo of Greg:I just love the way the sky looks and how he is offset from the camera. Also, he is wearing a button up shirt. This has happened like three times since we have started dating. Irresistable.

The weather was so gorgeous this weekend I went for a little (3 mile) walk along Alki Beach.
I walked in the water for a bit.

There was kelp and sea-grass. Mmm slimy cuteness.

I also saw a movie, which I was very dissapointed by. (Why Spielberg, why!?!)

There were also some experiments with the polaroid camera, which shall be shared at a later date. Also, my little TID book was posted as the pick of the day at SIS. That was very cool.

I have a thousand things I want to do. Projects and ideas just bubbling up and not nearly enough time to get them all done.

I have also been contemplating buying an ipod. Because music is so moving me right now.

Off to make dinner, and then a walk. More later.


CandiMandi said...

Ooooh those wedding pics are great! Wish you were there for mine last year! haha
And about Indy... yeah I wasn't extremely dissapointed, but I did think-- is this a scifi movie? It was all pretty good till that ending. hmmm
(I'm assuming we're talking about the same movie! haha)

***Welcome said...

hey there ;) how did you get to have a column on the left and right of your blog???is there a special code for it rather than using the complete pre-generated template??

AND you HGAVE to get an IPOD..i cant live without one..

Colleen said...

yeah, i thought indy sucked too. that one of the kelp is gorgeous!

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